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With Porsche Competition tuning your Porsche can be personalised to your own individual specification. Basically, tell us what your objectives are and we will do our utmost to fulfil your request provided, of course, that it is technically feasible and in no way compromises quality.

Be it running gear, engine, aerodynamics, cockpit or Tequipment programmes; make your dreams come true. Thanks to our expertise, passion and a determination to strive for perfection, you will be able to enjoy the motoring sensations you have always longed for in your personalised fine-tuned Porsche. To improve a Porsche is to turn a perfect car into an incomparable experience.

The prerequisites at all times being expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche philosophy. ProSpeed Competition specialists apply themselves with the utmost dedication to increasing the performance of what presently is a highly potent sports car. But they also place enormous emphasis on the smallest details. In a clinically pure environment, exclusive Porsches of the absolute highest calibre are tuned. Running gear, engine, aerodynamics, cockpit or Tequipment programmes are refined to create a single entity, which makes driving your unique ProSpeed Competition Porsche an utterly groundbreaking automotive experience.
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