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For over 10 years our ProSpeed Classics' division has cared for the finest Porsche classic and sports car ranges. We pride ourselves on our reputation of keeping the Porsche heritage alive as proven by the number of satisfied customers we serve. With an extensive clientele and our many years of experience in the Porsche world ProSpeed Classics is one of the most experienced specialists in Belgium. Our client list includes innumerable Porsche collectors as well as classic car aficionados, who appreciate both the on-going service as also the high level of discretion provided by ProSpeed Classics.

In a nutshell ProSpeed Classics maintains and restores vehicles whose standard production was discontinued at least 10 years earlier. In other words the 356, 914, 959 and 911 including type 993 as well as the 924, 944, 968 and 92 models. The objective: the maintenance and loving care of historic Porsche vehicles. Thanks to our decades of experience with Porsche cars we are undoubtedly your competent partner for the service, repair and restoration of Porsche production cars. The available genuine specialised tools, the direct access to all technical records and historical archives and many decades of experience our Porsche Classics specialists have to offer ensure that your cherished classic Porsche in the best of hands.

Suffice it to say that when it comes to quality and originality all servicing and maintenance carried out by ProSpeed Classics is of the highest standards.

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