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Autosport as a complete marketing and communication platform

Discover ProSpeed Competition's exhilarating communication hub: an environment that adds value to your image and to all your PR, internal or external communication, and incentives. Brand Activation & Consolidation?
ProSpeed Competition offers you the opportunity to link your brand to Motorsport, to a professional driver (as an Ambassador) and more specifically to the reference in international Motorsport: Porsche.
Introduction into the Porsche world? Reach the particularly coveted Porsche inner market through cross-marketing operations. Join us on the podiums!
Share with us the values of winning. Use the on-track successes of ProSpeed Competition to invigorate your workforce in your company.
Additionally you will also benefit from our media press and TV partnerships.

Brand communication agency, introduction to the Porsche world

Link your brand to Porsche? This is definitely feasible. Two brands that work together and share the same values in their communication can only become stronger through cooperation. Undeniably with two the marketing potential becomes far stronger and ProSpeed Competition knows the power of the Porsche brand like no other. Marketing alliance, marketing partnership, co-marketing and cross-marketing are but a few of the numerous possibilities available for collaboration.

PR & media communication

Looking to work together with a TV Channel? Wanting to inform the specialised media about ProSpeed Competition’s activities? Or keen on letting the wider media enjoy the glamour of motorsport and the smell of victory? ProSpeed Competition takes care of its media contacts at all levels. It goes without saying that your brand will enjoy exactly the same attention as that offered to the team and drivers.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation is a new concept in the industry. It's all about bringing the spirit of brands to life. The Brand Activation’s objective is to make brands active in their markets, building their reputations along with the results. More fundamentally, brand activation contributes in creating trust between the customer, society and the brand. And trust is one of the key factors to create loyalty between consumers and brands.
It goes without saying that to a major extent a successful top sport can contribute in this field.


ProSpeed Competition’s professional drivers also share the values of your successful brand, and can represent your brand in a variety of ways, be it in the arena of this top sport, at a trade fair or within your organisation. The trump cards and the strategy the team play out in order to appear on the podium on Sunday will quite naturally also be shared out with your management and collaborators, not forgetting the accompanying champagne!

CO2 Logic

CO2logic offers solutions to calculate, reduce and offset CO2-emissions.
We help our participants to measure the effects of their CO2-emissions and nullify same. It involves a process whereby we educate the competitors and all others within their related fields of activity. If everyone, be it an individual or a company, were to calculate, reduce and offset their emissions, it would significantly counteract global warming. The elimination of carbon is not a part of the Kyoto-protocol, but finds its roots in the ideology of the CDM - (Clean Development Mechanism) and JI- (Joint Implementation) of the Kyoto mechanism. CO2logic attempts to reduce the carbon pollution and encourage everyone to reduce CO2 emissions.

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