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Experience at first hand the stimulating thrills of a professional racing team with ProSpeed Competition. Such an environment would undoubtedly be an added value to your image and to all your PR, internal or external communication, and incentives. VIP Hospitality? Top-notch VIP welcome, privileged access to the race, visit of ProSpeed Competition’s pit-boxes, meet and greet the drivers…
Incentives? Get behind the steering wheel of a Porsche, or take your place in the passenger seat next to one of ProSpeed Competition’s experienced fast drivers.
An unforgettable day! Event production agency.
The theatre of a motorsport experience.
Looking to experience top motorsport action? Something which is impossible in most other sports is feasible in motorsport. The ProSpeed Competition pit-box becomes an arena of excitement and spectacle where you together with your guests, obviously stationed in a safe place, can watch the team actively working on the car. The tyres are changed, the refuelling is carried out and the drivers perform an ultra-fast changeover. You can feel the adrenaline pumping, you can see victory on the horizon. Motorsport as you have never experienced before.

Porsche Driving Experience

To experience Porsche in every fibre of your body is an unbelievable sensation.
It all kicks off at the Penders Porsche Concessionaire in Liège, where you personally experience how work is carried out on a Porsche. Following this you climb into a Porsche and drive to one of the driving centres where you become acquainted with all the extensive techniques that make driving more enjoyable and safer. It goes without saying that catering and other tailor-made elements can be foreseen.

Motorsport team building

Motorsport is a team sport and in order to transfer a top team’s success elements to a business environment, you can call on the services of one of our ProSpeed Competition drivers. At your company for a lecture, a seminar or workshop, or outdoors for a group-building activity, all can be fine-tuned to your requirements.

Take a ride

What appeals more to the imagination than being seated next to a ProSpeed Competition racing driver on a real track. Charging up the Raidillon together and braking late at Les Combes. This is definitely an experience words cannot describe...

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