CO2 Logic

The national and international motorsport events in which ProSpeed Competition competes have been taking place since… 1923 for the earliest ones. Notwithstanding the recent technological advances made regarding the reduction of both the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, racecars are still burning an excessive amount of fuel. Fully aware of the global warming problem, ProSpeed Competition took the decision to reduce its climatic impact through CO2 compensation. It goes without saying that whether we choose to offset CO2 emissions or not, motorsport events will continue to be held.

Not wishing to turn a blind eye, ProSpeed Competition had every intention of supporting actions for the reduction of CO2. These actions would have been unfeasible without our financial support. As such the CO2 emissions of all our racing cars are offset through a CO2Logic partnership. Balancing these carbon emissions occurs by participating in a waste collection and treatment project in Tanzania (click here to watch the video). This CO2logic project (find more information here) received the official validation from the United Nations Executive Committee and its benefits have been confirmed by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV).Aware of the global climatic situation, our corporate social responsibility will in no way be limited to this action. Implementing a complete programme to reduce the CO2 impact from within the ProSpeed Competition organisation is a long-term project. Our current partnership with CO2Logic is an initial step and definitely stimulates us to continue in this direction!

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